Innovating Excellence at India Glycols Limited

IGL pioneers sustainable trends with innovative, technology-driven solutions that reduce carbon footprints, leveraging digital technologies to reach net zero emissions and lead the way in green innovation.

Welcome to IGL

IGL’s next-generation research and technological advancements add value to sustainable products made from renewable resources. We are dedicated to progress and profitability for all stakeholders.

IGL is creating limitless possibilities through green engineering by using agricultural, horticultural, and forest waste, as well as released carbon, as alternative resources for generating performance chemicals with a low carbon footprint. 

Men. Machine. Sustainability. These beliefs form the core of our innovation and design to create world-leading products backed by path-breaking experts, expertise, technologies, and processes.

Unmatchable USPs

Green Products

Derived from renewable and C-smart resources

High-Quality Products

Minimum impurities

Consistent Quality

State-of-the-art, DCS-controlled manufacturing

Customized Product Design

Collaborative R&D and innovation

Minimum Carbon Footprint

Waste to chemicals

Environment and Eco-Friendly


Diversified portfolio.
Unified vision.

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