IGL supplies specialty chemicals for the oil and gas industry, including chemicals for upstream operations, improved oil recovery, and emulsion breaking. Their portfolio includes performance chemicals based on ethanol and amine chemistry used in various sectors, such as petrochemicals, surface care, agrochemicals, and more. Our innovation, sustainability, and high-quality chemical solutions are reflected in the increased efficiency and efficacy of numerous processes and applications.

Product Line

Plasticisers i.e. Phthalates and non- phthalates

Plasticizers are commonly added to polymers such as plastics and rubber to make them soft and pliable. The most widely used plasticizers are phthalates, which make materials lighter, more flexible, and increase plasticity while decreasing viscosity and friction.

Oil Fields Chemicals

(EOR,Mud Breaker, Inhibitor) Tertiary Oil Recovery is a process for extracting crude oil with a higher extraction ratio compared to primary and secondary recovery methods using techniques such as thermal injection, gas injection, and chemical injection.

Bio- Amines i.e. Bio- MEA, Bio- DEA, Bio- TEA

Bio-Ethanol amines are a group of organic compounds derived from ethanol that have various industrial applications, including as solvents, surfactants, and fuel additives. The future of Bio-Ethanol amines is likely to be shaped by a range of factors, including technological advancements, changing market conditions, and environmental concerns.

Green Solvents i.e. Methyl Soyate

Green solvents such as Methyl Soyate are a mixture of soy oil and methanol, used as a bio-diesel, and are considered a safer alternative to other products. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and has lower VOC than petroleum products.

MDEA and MDEA Derivatives

Specialty Amines mainly Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA) & MDEA based amine solvents in gas treating applications. Amine treatment is a sort of gas sweetening procedure that uses solutions to remove acid vapors, H2S, and CO2 from process steps. It is often used in refinery and gas facilities to increase safety, reduce corrosion, and comply with environmental requirements.

Bio-Potash Granules : Potash derived from Molasses (PDM)

PDM unit in Kashipur plant with a design capacity of ~ 100 MTPD. Slop steam boiler ash generating from 2 boilers is a rich source of potash as K2O in the range of 20% wt./wt. +/-5% hence suitable to manufacture FCO grade potash rich fertilizer.

C- Smart specialty products

The recent trends show that all manufacturers of FMCG products would be seeking to cut down on the use of ingredients derived from fossil fuel feed stocks. For this purpose, IGL has entered into an agreement with LanzaTech for manufacturing of specialty chemicals based on C-smart alcohol derived from capturing of emitted carbon from various industrial processes. Exploiting C-smart alcohol for producing speciality chemicals will make the products sustainable as well as environment-friendly. In future, green surfactants derived from C-smart alcohol will be in demand. IGL is the first company in the world to offer them.

Being Green

Our specialty is sustainability

We are dedicated to the development and production of sustainable and green technologies. Using environmentally friendly products such as bio-amines and green solvents. They have the ability to dissolve a wider range of substances than traditional solvents, making them more versatile and efficient in various industrial processes.
Moreover, these products are derived from renewable resources, have low volatility, and have higher biodegradability, which makes them less toxic to the environment. We aim to create sustainable development for generations to come.

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