IGL  in technical collaboration with US-based Scientific Design Inc. to produce high-quality bio-glycols using sustainable agricultural feedstock at its advanced facilities. With a focus on sustainability and carbon footprint, we offer eco-friendly and a natural alternative to petroleum-based products, producing 175,000 metric tonnes of bio-MEG, bio-DEG, and bio-TEG.

Product Line

Bio Mono Ethylene Glycol (BIO-MEG)

As an alternative to conventional MEG made from fossil fuels, our BIO MEG is renewable and sustainable. It complies with the stringent criteria required by polyester producers, including the required UV transmittance values, with a minimum purity of 99.5%.

The manufacturing of PET resins for beverage and water packaging, polyester textile fibres, packaging films, antifreeze and automotive coolants, water-based adhesives, and electrolytic capacitors are just a few of the numerous uses for BIO MEG.

Bio Di Ethylene Glycol (BIO-DEG)

Our BIO-Diethylene Glycol, also known as BIO-DEG, is a solvent that is often deployed in numerous industrial applications. It plays a vital role in the manufacturing of plasticizers, saturated and unsaturated polyester resins, and polyurethanes. Additionally, it works well and efficiently as a humectant for tobacco, cork, and printing ink. Additionally, it functions well as a glue and solvent for nitrocellulose, resins, dyes, oils, and other organic substances. When combined with additional ingredients, BIO-DEG is used to create lubricants, wallpaper removers, and brake fluid.

Bio Tri Ethylene Glycol (BIO-TEG)

Our BIO-TEG is acclaimed for its exceptional hygroscopic qualities, which allow it to efficiently remove moisture from liquids. It also has the ability to dehydrate natural gas, which has made it an essential component in the oil and gas sector.  TEG is used as a plasticizer in vinyl polymers giving the finished product more flexibility and durability. Additionally, TEG is used as an ingredient in air sanitizing treatments to maintain a safe and healthy interior environment due to its disinfection capabilities when aerosolized.

Being Green

Innovative chemistry for a sustainable future.

IGL is continuously striving to offer a green solution to improve environmental footprint. Our Bio Glycols are widely used in various end applications by companies working on green philosophy and reducing carbon footprint.

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