Branded Nutraceutical Ingredients

Our high-quality, science-backed ingredients are innovative solutions to support your overall health
and wellness. We have nutraceutical ingredients that can boost your immune system, improve
digestion, support cardiovascular and eye health.

Product Range


Speciality Lutein Esters by SCFE

Gingeren™ SR

Sustained Release Ginger Granules


172 Folds More FREE CURCUMIN


Next Generation Curcumin Ingredients

Industries of applications

Being Green

Breathing new life into communities and sustainability

IGL can be described as an amazing compound of net-zero emissions mixed with 100% commitment to the environment. It’s where we accelerate the economy along with our eco-sustainability goals, full-throttle. We cultivate tomorrow’s innovations. We are building pipelines that fuel productivity and energize social responsibility. Designing wellness solutions that improve your health and the ecosystem. Combining technology with corporate responsibility, we are making our stakeholders the green torchbearers.

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