Bio-Potash Granules

PDM unit in Kashipur plant with a design capacity of ~ 100 MTPD.
Slop steam boiler ash generating from 2 boilers is a rich source of potash as K2O in the range of 20% wt./wt. +/-5% hence suitable to manufacture FCO grade potash rich fertilizer.

Product Line

Potash derived from Molasses (PDM)

Now in India major source of Potash is MOP which contains 60% of Potash, that is 100% imported. Bio- Potash granules are under FCO Potash & that is Organic source, surely it will give big advantage over Chemical Imported Potash to Indian Farmers and Make in India concept success.

Industries of applications

Being Green

Our specialty is sustainability

Overall, the main consumers of bio amines are industries that require sustainable, effective, and eco-friendly chemical solutions. With the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products, the use of bio amines is expected to grow across various industries in India.

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