Oil field chemicals play a crucial role in the exploration, production, and transportation of petroleum and natural gas. These chemicals are designed to enhance the efficiency of oilfield operations, improve production rates, mitigate risks, and ensure environmental compliance. This literature review aims to provide an overview of oil field chemicals companies, highlighting their importance, challenges, and key players in the industry.

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Polyglycerols are Clear, colourless and syrupy liquid, more viscous and less volatile than glycerol, miscible with water, hygroscopic, with a remarkable thermal stability, characterized by one ether group which is very stable and hydroxyl groups which give polarity to the product and enhance the possibility of the molecule to react with other substances.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Tertiary Oil Recovery, is the process where extraction of crude oil from an oil field that cannot be extracted without any external means. Extraction ratio of Tertiary recovery method is higher compared to both primary and secondary recovery methods. Primary Oil recovery is limited to hydrocarbons which naturally rise to surface. Secondary Oil recovery uses water and gas injection which drives oil to the surface.

Emulsion Breaker (Demulsifiers)

Breakers aid in the removal of the reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) filter cake. Drill-in-fluids mainly contains long-chain molecules that have sufficient viscosity to carry cuttings to surface. After the drill-in-fluid has done the job, a breaker may be added to reduce the viscosity of the fluid by breaking down the long chain molecules into shorter molecules.

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