IGL’s Steri Gas is a mixture of carbon dioxide and ethylene oxide, which is used as a sterilizing agent in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The carbon dioxide helps to reduce the flammability of the ethylene oxide, making it safer to use. When exposed to certain microorganisms, the ethylene oxide in the mixture can break down their cell walls and kill them, making it an effective way to sterilize equipment and materials.

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IGL is a rare compound of net-zero emissions with 100% commitment. It’s where we accelerate the economy along with our eco-sustainability goals, full-throttle. We lay the fertile ground to plant the seeds of tomorrow’s innovations. We are building the pipelines that fuel productivity and energize social responsibility. Designing wellness solutions that offer the perfect makeover for your health and the ecosystem. Stitching technology with corporate responsibility and making our stakeholders the green torchbearers.

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