Liquid Oxygen

Liquid O2 forms the fuel for many industries. For our large industrial customers like refining, steel, and chemicals, we offer high-quality industrial-grade oxygen to improve a range of industrial processes. The main industrial application of oxygen is the combustion, which enhances efficiency in iron and steel, non-ferrous, glass and concrete industries. It is especially used for processes like metalworking, welding, brazing, and flame cutting. Liquid oxygen is a vital link in the manufacturing supply chain and healthcare industry as a respiratory therapy for patients.

Product Line

Medical Oxygen

Medical oxygen is a highly purified form of oxygen that is used for medical purposes. It is typically administered to patients who are unable to get enough oxygen on their own, such as those with respiratory diseases or conditions that affect their ability to breathe.

Industrial oxygen

Through a process called cryogenic distillation, we produce industrial oxygen, which is used in various types of industrial processes, such as welding and metal cutting.

Being Green

Breathing new life into communities and sustainability

Known for its dedication to sustainability and steadfast commitment to social responsibility, IGL during the Covid crisis provided medical oxygen 24/7 to various regions of India. In order to lower emissions and enhance air quality, IGL supplies clean and sustainable liquid oxygen to various industries for their production processes, lowering their carbon footprints and advancing their sustainability objectives.

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