Liquid Nitrogen

IGL is a company that provides liquid nitrogen solutions for a variety of applications including refrigeration, freezing, and cryogenic preservation. IGL’s liquid nitrogen solutions are used in industries such as healthcare, food and beverage ,and research and development. The company offers a range of products and services, including bulk and micro bulk delivery systems, on-site nitrogen generation systems, and a range of storage and dispensing equipment. IGL’s liquid nitrogen solutions are known for their reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Being Green

Next-gen sustainability with Liquid Nitrogen

IGL’s liquid nitrogen is a sustainable cooling solution due to its energy efficiency, renewable source, non-toxicity, and long shelf life. It consumes less energy and has a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional cooling methods. Made from air, it’s a more environmentally friendly energy alternative to fossil fuels. Its non-toxic and safe properties benefit both the environment and human health. Its long shelf life reduces waste and replacements, promoting sustainability in the chemical industry.

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