NATMER® FG products are used as stabilizing, binding and thickening agent and are especially suitable for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. NATMER® FG products are made from Guar gum and other natural gums and are widely used for their exceptional stabilizing, emulsifying, water binding qualities. NATMER® FG can be blended with other thickeners such as Xanthan gum, Locust bean gum to boost viscosity and texture. NATMER® FG are made of Guar, Cassia etc.

Product Line

High Viscosity Guar

Viscosity Range: 5000-7000 cps

Usage: Frozen foods, Ice Cream, Cakes, Noodles, Sauces

Medium Viscosity Guar

Viscosity Range: 3000-5000 cps

Usage: Bakery, Beverages, Soups, Gravies, And Confectionery

Ultra Low Viscosity Guar

Viscosity Range: 50-1500 cps

Usage: Juices, Liquid Foods

Odourless/Tasteless Guar

Viscosity Range: 3000-5000 cps

Usage: Dairy Products and Beverages

Biopolymer Cassia Tora Gum Powder

Viscosity Range: 10000+ cps

Usage: Gel formulations, Bakery And Confectionery Products, Pet Food, And Others.

Industries of applications

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