Biopolymer Guar

India Glycols Ltd. has developed various types of biopolymer guar derivatives and plays a leadership role in the development and production of derivatives from guar. The biopolymer derivatives are widely used in oilfield applications, personal care, food and pharmaceutical products.

Product Line

HYDROXYPROPYL GUAR (Single derivative)

Hydroxy propyl Guar is a non-ionic, polymeric thickener that develops high viscosity in a short time period. Dispersions of this non buffered polymer will be basic. They must be adjusted to neutral pH, preferably with an organic acid. Rapid viscosity development will follow.


Carboxymethyl hydroxyl propyl guar (CMHPG) is an anionic guar derivative used as a gelling agent especially for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing fluids to suspend Fracking proppants. CMHPG is easily soluble in cold temperature environments.


The product has advantages of high thickening efficiency, good dissolving performance, and lubricating, with good alcohol tolerance. It can be used as a good friction reducer and enhancer for oil recovery in the oilfield industry, and as a printing thickener, and the like.

Industries of applications

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