Bio Carbon Dioxide

IGL has state-of-the-art liquid CO2 plants and technology, which has been sourced from the prestigious Wittemann Inc, USA, on a turnkey basis. Our liquid CO2 plants are approved for ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 22000/HACCP certification. We process CO2 using washing, scrubbing and absorption methods, and a specially designed NOx removal system without using any chemicals for purification. Liquid Carbon Dioxide is used primarily in the food industry as a preservative, packaging material and also carbonation of beverages and alcohol.

Product Line

Food-Grade Carbon Dioxide

Food grade liquid carbon dioxide is a safe and commonly used gas in the food industry for purposes such as freezing, carbonating, and packaging. It is also used to preserve the freshness of foods.

Industrial Carbon Dioxide

Industrial liquid carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless liquid used for various purposes in industrial settings, such as food processing, fire suppression, and welding. It is produced by cooling and pressurizing gaseous carbon dioxide.

Being Green

Our specialty is sustainability

A leading-edge technology acquired from Wittemann Inc., USA enables IGL’s Bio-Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) production process to be environmentally friendly, as it employs a chemical-free purification system utilizing washing, scouring, and absorption techniques as well as a system specifically designed to remove NOx. As a result, the company is able to produce eco-friendly raw CO2. These processes showcase IGL’s resolve to be a responsible, responsive, and resilient brand.

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