bullet MEG / DEG / TEG
bullet Polyethylene glycols
bullet Fatty alcohol ethoxylates
bullet Fatty acid ethoxylates
bullet Fatty amine ethoxylates
bullet Alkyl phenol ethoxylates
bullet Castor / natural oil ethoxylates
bullet EO / PO co-polymers
bullet Glycol ethers and acetates
bullet Brake fluids / anti-freeze coolant
bullet Performance chemicals
bullet Natural gum
bullet Extra neutral alcohol
bullet Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL)


Product groups > Polysorbates



IGL uses internationally proven technology to manufacture ethoxylates with high purity, low colour and odour.

The company’s product range includes sorbitan ester ethoxylates under the SORBOX brand.

The company can develop specific moles of products as per customer requirements.

  Fatty acid ester of sorbitan ethoxylates