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Product groups > Performance chemicals

Performance chemicals


IGL’s range of performance chemicals caters to a wide range of industries. Each product meets strict quality and purity norms. Technical knowhow from Sanyo Chemical Industries, Japan, has been integrated with the manufacturing experience and R&D expertise of India Glycols to create products that consistently meet performance standards.

For the textile industry, IGL offers a complete range of products for the wet processing of textiles. The products are available for every stage of processing, right from the desizing stage to the finishing stage. This includes emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersing agents, levelling agents and lubricating agents, with low PEG content for better surfactancy. The low-foaming mercerising agents, unique blends of cationic and non-ionic softeners and range of dye levelling agents ensure improved fastness of dyed fabrics. The company also produces spin finish oil for the polyester industry.

IGL manufactures highly stable and free-flowing broad-spectrum emulsifiers and wetting and dispersing agents for wettable powders and suspension concentrates, and a range of eco-friendly surfactants for new-generation formulations such as EW and WDG. The company also offers a unique blend of surfactants sold under the IGSURF series of products, designed for application in the insecticides, fungicides and herbicides industries.

IGL’s comprehensive range of products for the paint industry provides excellent emulsifying and wetting properties in adhesive manufacturing. Its emulsifiers achieve fine dispersion of polymers and the desired consistency in emulsion polymerisation.

Oil and gas
The company offers a wide range of additives for oil exploration and refining, which include EO / PO block co-polymers, high molecular weight resins and polyamine ethoxylates for crude oil demulsification. IGL also produces environment-friendly, water- soluble products for oil spill control and pour point depressants to improve the flow of oil at lower temperatures.

Personal care
In the personal care segment, IGL offers SLES and cocodiethanol amide, with low salt and dioxane content, and a number of other ingredients used in the manufacture of shampoos.

IGL offers cost-effective blends of chemicals that ensure a synergistic effect and enhanced performance of detergents when used in combination with anionics such as LABSA. These find use in liquid and powder detergents and detergent cakes. The company also manufactures SLES, which is used in liquid detergents. These products are eco-friendly and assure improved fabric care, skin care and higher hard water tolerance.

IGL manufactures a wide range of surfactants, defoamers and strength additives for application in the pulp and paper industry.

The company has tailor-made flotation agents that meet customers’ specific requirements. Speciality products for flotation of iron ores, cleaning of calcite and collectors for different types of silicate flotation are some of the products that IGL offers in this segment.

India Glycols is the leading manufacturer of defoamers and anti-caking agents for the fertiliser industry. The company has also developed customer-specific grinding aids for cement manufacturing.