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Textile industry

Emulsifier, wetting agents, dispersing agents, levelling and lubricating agents, with low PEG content for better surfactancy.
Low foaming mercerising agents, unique blends of cationic and nonionic softners and a range of dye levelling agents for improved fastness of dyed fabrics.
Spin finish oil for polyester industry.

Spinning & knitting Pre treatment
Dyeing & printing Finishing agent
Anti-static agent      
Knitting agent  
Anionic scouring & soaping agent    
Nonionic scouring & soaping agent      
Anionic scouring agent for wool      
Low foam nonionic scouring agent      
Peroxide stabiliser      
Peroxide killer      
Sequestering agent    
Anticreasing agent    
Emuslifier & scouring agent      
Wetting & rewetting agent    
Odourless, colourless & low foaming mercerzing agent      
Cotton / polyester printing agent      
Acid buffer cum dispersant      
Polyester dye levelling      
Economical levelling agent for polyester dyeing      
Levelling agent for wool      
Levelling for vat / direct dyes      
Dye fixing formaldehyde free agent      
Ready to use cationic softener      
Ready to use nonionic softener      
Nonionic non yellowing softener      
Concentrated cationic softener      
Concentrated nonionic softener