bullet MEG / DEG / TEG
bullet Polyethylene glycols
bullet Fatty alcohol ethoxylates
bullet Fatty acid ethoxylates
bullet Fatty amine ethoxylates
bullet Alkyl phenol ethoxylates
bullet Castor / natural oil ethoxylates
bullet EO / PO co-polymers
bullet Polysorbates
bullet Glycol ethers and acetates
bullet Brake fluids / anti-freeze coolant
bullet Performance chemicals
bullet Natural gum
bullet Extra neutral alcohol
bullet Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL)


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Other industries

IGL is a leading manufacturer of defoamers and anti-caking agents to the fertiliser industry.
IGL has developed tailor-made grinding aids for cement manufacturing.

Industry-wise applications:

Di Ammonium phosphate MFR Phosphoric acid MFR  Grinding
Anticaking agent    
Grinding aid