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Product groups > Nicotine- Nictobac™

Nicotine- Nictobac™


Nictobac is our finest offering of premium Nicotine intended for use in e-liquids and other Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nictobac as Nicotine EP/USP is isolated as pure liquid from natural tobacco leaves by series of extraction & purification stages specifically developed to give an all – Natural product.

10 Reasons- Why choose Nictobac™?

  • High Purity- Extremely pure & natural extract 
  • Lowest impurity levels as per EP/USP- Stringent control at various stages of production
  • Organoleptic features- Light in taste and clear in colour
  • Compatibility- Smooth texture for easy blending with flavours
  • Capacity – Huge facility to meet bulk requirements
  • Production –At WHO GMP complaint and ISO certified facility
  • Supplies - Consistent and uniform batches
  • REACH registered
  • EDMF/DMF  on record
  • Premium product - High quality offering for vaping industry


Ennature Biopharma (business division of India Glycols Limited) is globally recognized for manufacturing Natural API and standardized botanical extracts. We have an enormous WHO GMP licensed pharmaceutical production plant located at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, spread over 1,60,000 sq. meters with the dedicated production facility for Nicotine. We are a premium Nicotine manufacturer in India. We ensure stringent quality check from procurement to final product there by reducing batch to batch variation with consistent supplies. Unique purification process ensures control over tough impurities and reduce their levels to minimal amount making Nictobac™ a safe and well accepted product in versatile applications and therapies used for Nicotine withdrawal.

Nictobac™ Product range

  • Pure Nicotine EP 99%
  • Nicotine USP 99%
  • Nicotine Polacrilex USP
  • Nicotine Ditartrate Dihydrate
  • Nicotine Salts

Applications: Nicotine Replacement Therapy, E-cigarettes, Nasal Spray, Chewing gums, Nicotine patches, pouches