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Textile grades

INCOTEX PS Series: Depolymerised guar with high purity for silk printing with dyes other than reactive, polyester fabric printing with disperse and acrylics with acid dyes, etc.
INCOTEX CMT Series: Carboxymethyl tamarind kernel powder for polyester with disperse dyes, etc.
INCOTEX CS Series: Modified, non-ionic tamarind kernel powder for polyester, also used for discharge style of printing with disperse dye.
INCOTEX AH Series: Modified guar for acrylic carpet and blanket printing and dyeing.
INCOTEX BL Series: Blended products for selected type of printing.

Textile future grades:
INCOTEX HE Series: Hydroxyethyl guar for silk printing with acid and prematellised acid dyes, etc.
INCOTEX HP Series Hydroxypropyl guar of varied solid content for silk printing.