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Oil drilling grades

Under the Natural Gums Division, IGL manufactures various oil drilling grades.
IGL manufactures fast-hydrating, high-viscosity slurriable guar for oilfield application in addition to its high-viscosity guar production.
High-viscosity guar in conjugation with xanthan gum is used for viscosity control of drilling fluids.

Non-ionic, fast-hydrating guar with a wide range of viscosity is specially developed for the oil industry as a fracturing fluid in the stimulation of oil and gas wells with aqueous systems. It acts as a viscofier that is slurriable upto 50 per cent solids in systems such as diesel fuel.

The polymer yields excellent pumpability at 50 per cent solids, allows ease of handling, minimal settling in #2 diesel fuel, good hydration out of diesel and into the aqueous phase, good thermal stability, and excellent shelf life when stored as a dry powder or in the diesel slurry phase.

The polymer is compatible with monovalent salts but typically cross-linked with borates; however, zirconates and titinates are available as complexers as well.

Once cross-linked, it exhibits excellent carrying capacity to support sand or other proppants to be placed in the created fracture. The viscosity can be reduced or broken with the use of enzymes, oxidisers or acids such as HCl.

Oil drilling applications:
The unique features of fast-hydrating slurriable guar are:
All products remain slurriable in diesel at higher concentration.
The cross-linking behaviour with borax and other metal salts are more pronounced due to uniform exposure of hydroxyl groups.

The future grades of oil drilling include hydroxypropyl guar and carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar, and tailor-made products.
The most popular grades are: