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Product groups > Fatty alcohol ethoxylates

Fatty alcohol ethoxylates


IGL manufactures a number of high-purity fatty alcohol ethoxylates, which find application as cleaning and scouring agents, shampoos and detergents, and as emulsifiers in the textile and personal care industries.

The products in this segment are:
Tridecyl alcohol ethoxylates: Marketed under the IGSURF series, the product is available in variants from 3 to 20 moles.

Lauryl alcohol ethoxylates: This is used as a raw material for the manufacture of sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES) for shampoos and detergents. Variants from 1 to 20 moles are available and marketed under the brand LARYDET.

Ceto stearyl alcohol ethoxylates: Variants of 10 to 20 moles are marketed under the CETODET series. These find use as emulsifiers in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications such as ointments and creams.

The company also offers customers specially customised products.

Industry-wise applications:

  Fatty alcohol ethoxylates
  Lauryl alcohol ethoxylates Ceto
stearyl alcohol ethoxylates
TDA ethoxylates
Personal care      
Cream base    
Resin removal from wood pulp