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Product groups > Brake fluids and anti-freeze coolant

Brake fluids and anti-freeze coolant


IGL’s products for the automotive sector include brake fluid and anti-freeze coolant. The company has ensured that both products adhere to the strict quality norms required by Indian and international companies.

Brake fluids
IGL’s brake fluids are manufactured with know-how from
M/s Sulzer Chemtech, Switzerland. IGL’s facility is the largest and the only continuous process glycol ether plant in India ensuring consistent quality.

The company manufactures DOT-3 and DOT-4 grades of brake fluid as per international specifications and is approved by ARAI, Pune, a leading automobile research institute in India.

The company’s product range includes DOT-3 and DOT-4 brake fluids under the IGDOT brand. Components for brake fluids such as PEG, DEG and higher glycol ethers are also available.

Anti-freeze coolant
The company’s anti-freeze coolant is supplied to major oil companies and the Indian Ministry of Defence, meeting their stringent specifications.