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Product groups > Alkyl phenol ethoxylates

Alkyl phenol ethoxylates


India Glycols manufactures a variety of alkyl phenol ethoxylates of consistently high quality, and low colour and odour.

The company’s product range includes:

Nonyl phenol ethoxylates (4 to 50 moles)
Octyl phenol ethoxylates (10 to 20 moles)
Styrenated phenol ethoxylates (20 moles)
Card phenol ethoxylates (5 to 30 moles)

These chemicals are excellent oil / water soluble detergents, emulsifiers / co-emulsifiers, wetting / cleaning and dispersing agents and intermediates for sulphation. As such, they find application in the textile, detergent, agrochemical, emulsion polymerisation and paint industries.

The products are marketed under the ALPHOX brand. The company also offers customers the option of requirement-specific moles and products.

Industry-wise applications:

  Alkyl phenol ethoxylates
Alkyl phenol ethoxylates Styrenated phenol ethoxylates
Printing and dyeing  
Other industries    
Home appliances    
Fluid dispersant for non-stick utensils