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India Glycols Limited caters for the range of chemicals required for both dry and wet processing of fibres and fabrics. Being the largest manufacturer of ethoxylates, IGL’s strength has been in providing customised products for batch as well as continuous processes. Besides, we are committed to the concept of “grey to green” transformation by providing green chemical alternatives as textile auxillaries. IGL’s focus is always to provide environment-friendly products meeting the international safety norms of GOTS, REACH, IKEA, OEKO-TEX, etc.

Among the products manufactured by IGL are:

Glycols and ethoxylates:
IGL produces monoethylene glycol (MEG), diethylene glycol (DEG), triethylene glycol (TEG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) of molecular weights ranging from 200-4000.

These find use in emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersing agents, levelling agents and lubricating agents. They have a low PEG content for better surfactancy and are sold under the IGSURFseries.
Performance chemicals:
IGL offers a wide range of formulated products for textile processing, which includes desizing enzymes; wetting agents; different kinds of scouring agents to suit all types of machines and requirements like nonionics, anionics, low foaming, etc; peroxide stabilisers; peroxide killer; sequestering agents; neutralising agents; levelling agents for all types of dyes; washing-off agents; buffers; dye fixers; all types of finishing softeners; resins; and polyethylene and wax emulsions. We also offer a full range of APEO-free products.
Spin finish oil:
This finds use in the polyester industry.
Glycol ethers and acetates:
These are used in the manufacture of dyes, and during the printing and dyeing process.
Guar gum products:
These are used in textile and carpet printing, textile sizing and crisp finishing of clothes.

Download the detailed list of uses of performance chemicals in the textile industry