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IGL’s products find application primarily in the manufacture of ointments, tablets and syrups. The company has taken every measure to ensure that its manufacturing facilities adhere to strict quality and hygiene standards, and its products meet Indian and global purity standards.

Nonionic ethylene oxide (EO) condensates:
These are stable in mild acids and electrolytes, and are available in a range of variations.
Polyethylene glycols (PEG):
These are non-toxic and free of carcinogenic impurities. With minimum free EO and dioxane content, the company’s PEG range meets stringent pharmacopoeia specifications such as IP / USP / BP / NF.
Guar gum products:
IGL’s products have been duly approved under the US Federal Register as ‘Generally Recommended As Safe’ category for food, feed and pharmaceutical applications. They find use in tablet binding, viscosifying syrups, etc.
Extra neutral alcohol (ENA):
This is used in the manufacture of bulk drugs and formulations.
bullet Phytochemicals / nutraceuticals
IGL's Ennature Biopharma division is in the business of manufacturing natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), standardised botanical extracts and spice extracts for the beverage, dietary supplement, functional foods, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries.