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Industries > Paints and emulsion polymerisation

Paints and emulsion polymerisation


India Glycols offers a comprehensive range of products for the paints and emulsion polymerisation industry. The company’s strength lies in its ethylene oxide-based (EO) emulsifiers and anti-settling agents. IGL’s captive feedstock of EO ensures that customers get the benefit of consistent quality and reliable supply.

Some of the other products are:

IGL's wide spectrum of surfactants offer excellent emulsifying and wetting properties in adhesive and paint manufacturing.
These achieve fine dispersion of polymers / coatings and the desired consistency in emulsion polymerisation / coatings.
This is used for foam control in water-based coatings / adhesive systems.
Glycol ethers and acetates:
These act as excellent solubilisers, ensuring the uniform application and drying of paint.
Guar gum products:
These are used in adhesives, glues and paints.