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Oil and gas


IGL offers a wide range of chemicals that find use in various stages of oil exploration and refining. These chemicals help companies enhance production and reduce their environmental footprint.

Pour point depressants:
These improve the flow of oil at lower temperatures.
Glycol ethers:
These find use during oil drilling.
These are oil and water soluble, based on EO / PO block co-polymers and resin polymer base chemistries, and have application in crude oil demulsification.
Corrosion / scale inhibitor and biocide:
These find application in corrosion / scale protection and microbial killing.
EO / PO block co-polymers, high molecular weight resins and polyamine ethoxylates:
These find application in crude oil demulsification.
Guar gum products:
These are used in deep oil well drilling, enhanced oil recovery, plugging holes and pour point depressants.
IGL also manufactures environment-friendly non-emulsifiers, drilling foamer and water-soluble products needed for oil-spill control.