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Healthcare and food processing


Guar gum is used extensively in the healthcare and food products industry, and manufacturers are required to adhere to strict quality and purity standards. IGL has invested in the latest technology to ensure that its guar gum products are manufactured with minimal human intervention, thus ensuring a hygienically produced, high purity product.

The company’s gum products have been approved under the US Federal Register as ‘Generally Recommended as Safe’ category for food, feed and pharmaceutical applications.

Some of its applications include:
Dairy and frozen foods:
Used to thicken liquid dairy products and maintain homogeneity.
Baked foods:
Used to increase shelf life and also improve texture of the products, among other uses.
Sauces and dressings:
Used to enhance stability and appearance.
Guar gum is also used in canned foods, beverages and various healthcare recipes.

IGL has established a global market for its guar gum products, sold under the IGGUAR brand.