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Applications of argon

Argon is used in diverse applications which cover a number of industries, including:
To replace air or nitrogen, creating an inert atmosphere conducive to manufacturing aluminium; to assist in the removal of unwanted soluble gases during degasification; and to remove dissolved hydrogen and particulates from molten aluminium.
To provide a protective atmosphere and heat-transfer medium for growing germanium and silicon crystals for ultra-pure semiconductors.
Because of its low thermal conductivity, argon provides window manufacturers with the gas barrier they need to produce double-pane insulated windows. During the production process, argon gas is injected between two window panes. This insulation barrier greatly improves the window's energy efficiency.
To fill incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs; to create blue light in neon lamps.
Metal fabrication
To create an inert gas shield during welding; to provide an oxygen- and nitrogen-free environment for annealing and rolling metals and alloys; and to flush molten metals to eliminate porosity in castings.
To displace gas or vapours, and prevent oxidation during processing; to obtain temperature consistency and homogenous composition by stirring molten steel; to assist in the removal of unwanted soluble gases during degasification; as a carrier gas, to determine the composition of a sample through gas chromatography; and to flush out carbon monoxide and reduce chromium losses in the argon-oxygen decarburisation (AOD) used during stainless steel refining.