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Industrial gases

India Glycols has the latest air separation unit at Kashipur and two liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) plants, one at Kashipur and the other at Gorakhpur. The industrial gases division is managed by an experienced and professionally qualified team, which produces quality products as per Indian standard specifications. A brief summary of the details of the air separation unit at Kashipur follows:

Cryogenic gases - Kashipur
India Glycols manufactures 24,000MTPA of liquid oxygen including medical oxygen, 1,600MTPA of liquid nitrogen and 3,300MTPA of liquid argon. The cryogenic gases are produced using pioneering air separation technology and are supplied to customers in India in the private and public sectors. These gases find applications in various industries.

Applications of:
Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Argon
Liquid Nitrogen
Liquid Carbon Dioxide
IGL Steri-gas ETO (Ethylene Oxide & Carbon Dioxide Gas Mixtures)