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Ethoxylates and polyethylene glycols


IGL is the largest manufacturer of ethoxylates in India, with a production capacity of 70,000MTPA. The company has installed a state-of-the-art, second-generation Pressindustria loop reactor, which has been integrated with its captive feedstock of ethylene oxide (EO).

The vapour-vapour phase reaction of this technology ensures minimum residence time of unreacted EO, and a faster reaction rate.  This results in ethoxylates of high purity, low colour and odour, low aldehyde, and minimum free EO and dioxane content, thus eliminating any interference in subsequent applications.

Offering customised solutions to its customers has enabled the company to create a strong brand presence in the domestic and international markets.

Our product range includes Ethoxylates based on alkyl phenol, fatty alcohols / acids / amines, EO / PO co-polymers, natural oils (castor / soya / groundnut / palm / sunflower) and polyethylene glycols (PEGs, 200 to 10,000). The wide range of ethoxylates meet the diversified needs of various end-use industries such as textile, pharmaceutical, personal care, emulsion polymerisation, paint, detergent, automotive, agrochemical and other industries.


Fatty alcohol ethoxylates