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Ennature Biopharma


Ennature Biopharma specialises in the development and manufacture of natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), nutraceuticals, natural food colours, standardised herbal extracts and spice extracts for the beverage, dietary supplement, functional food, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

The division uses state-of-the-art, non-toxic, high-selectivity super critical fluid extraction (SCFE) technology to produce superior quality extracts.

The manufacturing facilities are kosher compliant, Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certified and have been awarded a drug license from the Indian FDA. IGL has also received accreditation from the Indian Spices Board and is a member of Pharmexcil and Shellac.

The division has established an integrated, multi-process-centric manufacturing set-up of 100,000 square feet, comprising an SCFE facility integrated with solvent and aqueous extraction units located at Dehradun (at the foothills of the Himalayas, a herbal heritage location).

The multi-process facility produces a wide range of customer-specific products with efficiency and guaranteed purity. The division can process about 2,500MT of raw material per annum.

Ennature maintains germ plasm for herbs like artemisia, stevia, rosemary, marigold and sage among others, in about 100 acres maintained under experienced agronomists. These are transferred to farmers who have contract cultivation agreements with IGL for buy-back.

Ennature has received funding from the National Medicinal Plant Board for the development of germ plasm of various herbs, and encourages farmers to cultivate herbs. IGL has undertaken activities for the upliftment of economically backward farmers as part of its CSR initiatives.

Raw material storage
The division has a strong hold over raw material procurement through owned and contract cultivation. It has a well-ventilated, well-partitioned raw material storage structure, which can accommodate up to 200MT of raw material under hygienic conditions.

Different, raw, herbal materials can be stacked without mixing and contamination. Temperature regulation controls have also been installed.

Ennature has set up three, 300-litre vessels with 600-bar pressure, which is the highest among companies in India. Each vessel is fitted with a pressure pump individually, another first in India. This system helps in maximum raw material processing simultaneously, and at the same time, the vessels can work independently.

Quality control
Ennature has employed the latest equipment, technology and processes to observe, monitor and quantify the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of finished products. 

In order to provide consistent quality extracts, the division samples and tests products throughout the extraction process to ensure guaranteed levels of marker compounds in the finished products. Additionally, production samples of all products are retained and stability tests are conducted.

The company ensures strict adherence to cGMP regulations in all departments, with in-house training by accredited staff.

Research and development
Ennature’s R&D mission is to create world-class capabilities for the discovery and development of newer natural ingredients based on scientific excellence, innovation and integrity.

The division’s pilot production plant performs laboratory-based pilot extractions to guarantee purity and potency prior to proceeding with full-scale extraction, thereby eliminating the possibility of undesirable results and excessive costs. 

Large-scale research is undertaken in the development of plant-based secondary metabolite products, nutraceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals (APIs) and their intermediates, along with standardised herbal extracts for the global market.

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