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Work culture


At India Glycols, we strongly believe that every employee is capable of contributing to the success of the group and the sustainability of the IGL vision in myriad ways. IGL therefore strives to offer all employees equal opportunities to experiment, innovate, share and develop their skills and competencies in an environment conducive to professional growth.

Employees are encouraged to interact and cooperate across diverse functional lines to enrich their professional experience and contribute to corporate growth.

We strive to foster an environment in which employees participate as equal partners in our shared vision of the future. Our rapid growth, the breadth of our knowledge, our presence in diverse areas and our willingness to venture into new areas bear testimony to the soundness of our beliefs.

People practices
Our people practices are built around policies designed to promote a distinctive IGL work culture that values learning, interaction and innovation.

We believe in offering all our employees adequate opportunities to take on responsibilities beyond their usual line of duty. Employees are regularly provided exposure to challenging assignments to prepare them to take on higher roles in their career progression.

The IGL top management believes in being accessible to all team members across all levels of the organisation. We fully understand the important role professional growth plays as a key motivator of employee performance. We believe in a cooperative and transparent approach to career growth, and work with our employees to devise a career plan that motivates them to perform and excel in their roles.

Important as it is to provide an environment for the exchange of ideas, it is even more important to provide adequate space to put these ideas into practice. At IGL we do just that – provide the critical complementary input your ideas need to grow to fruition.

We believe that as a team, we are smarter than we are as individuals. We therefore take immense pride in collective achievements and celebrate them with every team member. Hard work never goes unnoticed at IGL. High performers receive recognition not only in monetary terms but also by way of suitable rewards and recognition.