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Safety, health and environment

The safety and health of every IGL employee and preservation of the environment is an integral part of the company's corporate policy. By investing in elaborate safety measures, the company ensures that its employees are assured a safe working environment and that the company's ecological footprint is minimal.

IGL has set up a number of systems to ensure the safety of the company's plants and personnel. As always, the first line of defence remains prevention. Systems and operations are therefore designed to prevent the smallest of mishaps that could lead to accidents.

As a part of the safety protocol, IGL has laid down strict safety norms that employees, irrespective of their position in the organisation, have to follow. The success of this elementary measure is reflected in the company's excellent safety track record and the number of awards bestowed by national and international organisations in recognition of the safe working environment IGL has been able to secure for its employees. Additionally, the following measures have been taken to continually monitor safety processes:

A Central Safety Committee to review and upgrade safe working practices has been set up.
An emergency management plan is in place.
Systems have been set up to record and report any accident. All reported incidents are thoroughly investigated and corrective action taken for preventing similar occurrences in the future.
Provision of appropriate protective equipment and gear with usage being strictly monitored to ensure safety.
Regular safety training programmes are conducted to train employees.
Various incentive schemes that serve to motivate employees to follow safe working practices are in operation.

The company maintains its own fire station, fully equipped with fire tenders, modern communication facilities and an elaborate auto fire hydrant system, deluge systems, MVWS systems, and fixed foam systems, in addition to other equipment operated by trained experts.

Live fire training drills are periodically organised to provide hands-on training and create confidence among employees.

At IGL, employee health is a paramount consideration. The company has a medical centre at the factory with basic amenities and qualified and experienced medical and paramedical staff in attendance at all times to meet any contingency. An ambulance is also available.

All employees are required to undergo annual medical check-ups for the timely diagnosis of health problems. The company also offers a mediclaim policy that provides for healthcare expenses and other benefits to employees and their family members.

IGL believes in the principles of good corporate citizenship that mandate the active contribution of companies towards preserving the environment. Accordingly, IGL has incorporated in its operations systems to ensure minimal environmental impact.

The company has made substantial capital investments to ensure proper treatment of generated effluents to meet all relevant regulatory requirements. Additionally, the company has undertaken the following initiatives:

A ferti-irrigation project, which has generated an enthusiastic response from farmers.
A bio-composting facility to produce natural manure. Farmers use the bio-compost as an environmentally friendly substitute to chemical fertilisers.
IGL has also developed a green belt around its factory where approximately 65,000 trees of various species have been planted.
The company also achieved zero discharge from its ethanol plants by adopting ferti-irrigation, bio-composting, RO and concentration followed by incineration, to conserve fossil fuel.

The company is also actively working on various projects targeted towards developing a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

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