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Product groups > Natural gums

Natural gums


About us
The natural Gum Division is a part of India Glycols Limited conglomerate and is engaged in manufacture of gaur & other gums based product. The guar based products are mainly produced for Food, Oil & Gas and Textile Industry. The company started operations in 2001 with a capacity to produce 7000 MT of guar gum powder per annum. Today the capacity has been scaled to 36000 MT to meet the requirement of Food, Textiles, Oil and Gas and other Industry. The company is exporting its product across the globe to the following Industries.

  • Food
  • Oil and Gas
  • Textile Printing


  • Guar gum is derived from the finely ground endosperm, or the food storage area that surround the embryo. The endosperm makes up about 35 percent of the seed weight. Guar gum powder of the different variety is available. Putting a little powder in water will greatly increase the water’s viscosity. Guar gum has great thickening properties.

  • After removing the endosperm, the hull & germ remains. The germ is high in protein & is a good cattle feed supplement, much like soybean.

Grades & Application


India Glycols Limited produce variety of highly purified Food Grade Guar Gum under the IGGUAR FG SERIES. Among them are ULTRA LOW VISCOSITY DEPOLYMERIZED GUARS, which enjoy very well reputation in Global markets. The Guar Gum products we produce and supply mainly to overseas markets are

Grades Application
IGGAUR FG High Viscosity Guar (5000-7000 cps)
Frozen Foods, Ice Cream, Cakes, Noodles, Sauces
IGGAUR FG Medium Viscosity Guar (3000 –5000 cps) Bakery, Beverages, soups, gravies, and Confectionery Products
IGGAUR FG Ultra low Viscosity Guar (50 cps - 1500 cps)
Juices, Liquid Food Products


INCOL-FHG is a non-ionic fast hydrating guar specially developed for oil industry to act as viscofier in the stimulation of oil and gas wells with aqueous system. INCOL-FHG is slurriable upto 50% solids in systems such as diesel fuel. The polymer yields excellent pump ability at 50% solids, minimal settling in #2 diesel fuel, good hydration out-of-diesel into the aqueous phase, good thermal stability. It exhibits excellent shelf life when stored as dry powder or in the diesel slurry phase. The polymer is compatible with mono-valent salts but typically cross-linked and forms gel with borates; however, zirconates and titinates are also available as complexers. Once cross-linked, INCOL-FHG exhibits excellent carrying capacity to support sand or other proppants to be placed in the created fracture.

The viscosity of INCOL-FHG can be reduced or broken with use of enzymes, oxidizers, or acids such as HCl.

Fast Hydrating Guar FHG 35-40
Fast Hydrating Guar FHG 40-45
Fast Hydrating Guar FHG 42-48
Fast Hydrating Guar FHG 45-50


IGL is manufacturing textile printing thickeners based on guar and tamarind. Our thickeners are very well accepted and exported to countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, USA and Europe.

Grades Application
Depolymerized Guar with high purity for silk printing with dyes other than reactive, polyester fabric printing with disperse, acrylic fabric with acid dyes.
INCOTEX CMT SERIES Carboxymethyl tamarind kernel powder for polyster with disperse dyes etc.
INCOTEX CS SERIES Modified, non-ionic tamarind kernel powder for polyster, mainly discharge, style of printing.
INCOTEX AH SERIES Modified Guar for acrylic carpet & blanket printing and dyeing

Blended product for selected type printing.

Quality Control

All products are manufactured in compliance with stringent global standards of plant operations, quality and safety. The manufacturing facilities have been approved and certified by international agencies including DetVeritas (DNV). The operation at all the plants are closely monitored through distributed control system(DCS) which facilitate a high degree of control over quality of products.

  1. IS0 9001
  2. ISO 14000
  3. ISO 22000
  4. ISO 50000
  5. OHSAS 18001
  6. SA 8000
  7. FSSC 22000
  8. Halal
  9. Kosher


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