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Product groups > Natural gums

Natural gums

Guar gum, a natural, high molecular weight polysaccharide due to its high water-binding ability, finds use in a number of applications. IGL’s state-of-the-art facility manufactures a wide range of guar products such as treated and pulverised guar gum, depolymerised guar gum and derivatised guar gum, etc.

Given below are the industry-wise applications that it serves:

Healthcare and food processing Dairy and frozen foods, bakery products, canned foods, sauces and salad dressing, beverages and instant mixes, slimming regimens, special dietetics and diabetic diets, soluble fibre and various clinical nutrition recipes
Oil and gas Deep oil well drilling, enhanced oil recovery, plugging holes and pour point depressants
Textile Textile fabric and carpet printing, textile sizing and crisp finishing of clothes
Paper Wet and dry end additives, reducing drainage of fines, increasing strength and burst factor, and improving rattling
Pharmaceuticals Tablet binding, viscosifying syrups, disintegrating aids and suspending agents
Mining Concentration of ores, coal mining and coal slurry - flowing aid, flocculation and better recovery, stick explosives, blasting slurries and water control and gelling agent
Building and paint industry Binding, setting and cement plaster
Mosquito coils Agarbattis and incense sticks
Construction Construction
Future application Greenfield application for retaining water in deserts
Packaging Packaging options that have varied uses